About Us

Kaomi Shop is an online shop created with the purpose of making available to people, lovers of cake decorating, tools that can facilitate work in the elaboration of sugar figures and other decorations.

We want to emphasize that the silicone molds found in Kaomi Shop are unique, created by ourselves. They won't find them anywhere else. And as producers we are committed to continuing to create new molds that may be of help to those who need it.

We started selling cakes several years ago, but we wanted to do something more. We started doing tutorials on YouTube. And, although we no longer sell cakes, we always kept that taste for decoration. In our YouTube channel, Kaomi Tutoriales SugarArt, we wanted to teach different things related to this art but mainly we focus on the more dificult, the figures.

As decorators we know which tools can be very useful, and that is what we focus on when we produce our molds. We also provide free help with our tutorials. And, of course,  we will do tutorials using the molds you find here.